Beware - Fake Online White Card Scams - Their White Card Courses are NOT Legit.

READ THIS BEFORE you do a Online White Card Course!

Don't get scammed
. Some online companies don't make it obvious that their white card may not be accepted until the end of the course.

Check the below requirements:

1) You must be more than 100kms away from a training organisation that has face to face white card course.

If your residential address falls inside this circle, you are within 100kms of our Training organisation and therefore an online whitecard course is not valid. You must do a face-to-face or 'live' white card course. This circle represents ONLY our RTO. The radius will be slightly larger due to other Registers Training Organisations in the Cairns region.

If you are inside this radius, you can book your white card course on our White Card Page.

2) You must have your photo taken with all PPE gear on. If you don't have PPE you will have to buy or borrow it.

A photo with the PPE gear on shows Workplace Health & Safety that you know how to properly wear your PPE gear. If will not be issued a white card until you can supply a photo.

3) You don't always get a full refund

We have heard many stories, particularly from backpackers, that the dodgy online white card companies either do not refund them at all or only a portion of the course fees.

Advantages of Doing Face to Face White Card Course (apart from not being scammed or ripped off)

Check out these advantages

  1. Quick - Our white card courses are held every Tuesday and Thursdays at our training centre in Cairns.
  2. PPE supplied - We supply all the PPE needed for the manditory photo, so no cost or hassle to you.
  3. Cheaper - Our course is only $69. Most online courses are more expensive
  4. Card issued same day - At the end of the course you walk out with your certificate AND card. We can also email your certificate to send to an employer.

Read enough and want to book? Our White Card Course is held every Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons.  Book on our White Card Course Page

How to detect a dodgy online white card provider.

  1. They are definitely scamming you if they are NOT a registered RTO. White Cards are ONLY issued by registered RTO's.
  2. They only offer a white card certificate or say 'white card training course'
  3. They are not upfront about your state's live training requirements - this should be front & centre of any online white card course enrolment.
  4. The course is "self-paced" or has "no time limit"
  5. "Course is accessible 24/7" - no trainer is going to do a course at midnight
  6. No dedicated start time - start whenever you want/straight away
  7. "100% success rate"
  8. "No PPE required"
  9. "No live video/audio assessment required"
  10. The course is cheap $25-$35 may be a red flag. There are a lot of auditing requirements involved with the delivery of White Cards. This expense results in legit RTO's usually charging a higher price.

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