Tips to Help You Pass Your Truck Test

Very few of our students fail for not being able to drive a truck. Most fails on a test are due to ingrained bad habits that aren't able to be adequately rectified during the lessons.

Fails are listed below in order from most common to least common reasons:

  1. Speeding. (Critical Driving Error - only need to do it once to fail) Easily the most common cause of student failing their test.
  2. Failing to Give Way. Trucks are slower than cars. The department is more strict on giving way, especially at double lane roundabouts.
  3. Stop Signs. No stopping completely
  4. Gears. Mainly a problem in non-synchromesh road ranger gearbox. Gear problems 6 times is a fail.
  5. Going too slow/fast for situation.

Below are some things you can do in your car before your lessons to give you the best chance of passing the first time.


Start practising correct speed control. 

  • Don't speed up before a higher speed zone sign. Speed up afterwards. e.g when going from 60km zone to 8o kph zone, wait until after the 80km sign before you speed up
  • When coming up to a lower speed zone (E.g 80 to 60 or 60 to 40), make sure you are at/below the speed limit BEFORE the speed limit sign
  • 30km Zones at roundabouts - See video below

On map below: red shape = 30km zones, Yellow 40km zones

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