Logmaster - Say Goodbye to Your Thick, Heavy Logbook!


The Logmaster System is Great for Drivers and Record Keepers

The Logmaster system comprises of and easy to use App for Drivers that seamlessly integrates into the record keeping portal for companies.

The Driver Mobile App

Below is a demonstration video of the driver app, followed by some of the best features and screenshots.

Features & Benefits for Drivers

  • Frontline features and benefits of Logmaster.
  • The app works in blackspots and low coverage areas.
  • The app includes rule sets for STANDARD, STANDARD 2UP, BFM, BFM 2UP, BUS, WA and AFM ON REQUEST.
  • The app is compliant to use on any Android or Apple phone or tablet from the last 10 years. (Android 7+ and Apple 12.5.5+ operating system minimums)
  • The app removes the requirement for a driver to carry a paper logbook once a driver has completed 28 days of electronic logging.
  • The app also meets the requirements for local driving.
  • The app works in all states and territories of Australia.
  • The app speaks to the driver and also shows them at a glance how much longer they can drive for before they require a rest to stay compliant. (See video below)
  • The app allows drivers to stop for a rest at any time they like. When using paper, a driver must only start a rest on a 15 minute interval. (1pm / 1.15pm / 1.30pm / 1.45pm) This is a significant benefit to drivers who use EWD as they are not wasting time waiting to start breaks on the 15 minute interval.
  • The app comes with a digital driver fitness declaration form and vehicle pre-start checklist form included. These include signature on screen and can also be switched off if not required.

Screenshots of Driver App

The Record Keeper Portal - Great for Companies

If you are a record keeper, it would be definitely worth getting the team at Logmaster to give you a run through.

  • The system supports subcontractors and drivers who work for multiple companies.
  • The system supports drivers who want to stay on paper logging and do not wish to switch to electronic logging. This is a significant benefit for record keepers as they can reduce the amount of manual entry required for compliance records.
  • The record keeper portal comes complete with an investigations system, non-conformance report management system and driver performance management system.
  • The record keeper portal includes an accreditation management system that covers BFM and AFM accreditations.
  • The record keeper portal includes the ability to modify your driver fit to drive declaration, vehicle maintenance pre-start check, fault report, hazard report, incident report and infringement notice.

Screenshots from the portal

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