Please Note: Due to Covid19 restrictions there will be limited spaces in courses that are still running so personal spacing requirements are followed.


Forklift Training Courses in Cairns

Cairns Truck School's Training Centre provides forklift licence courses every week. The TLILIC0003 - Licence to operate a forklift truck course is a nationally recognised licence that can be used anywhere in the country.

Courses for Experienced & Inexperienced Operators

There is a 3 day course for inexperienced drivers 2 times every week and a 2 day weekend course for experience operators.

The 3 Day forklift course starts every Monday and Wednesday  (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday). Click here to see booking availability, start times, cost and what you need to bring.

The 2 Day weekend course is conducted over the weekend usually every fortnight and is mostly suitable for experienced drivers. Click here to also see booking availability, start times, cost and what you need to bring.


The Forklift course consists of 3 parts. Theory, practical and assessment. Both are conducted at our training centre at 7 Ogden Street, Bungalow, about 0.5km from the Cairns Department of Transport.

You will need to pass both theory & practice to receive your forklift licence. If you do not pass either part of your assessment, you can come back and have another try for free.

Once you have passed all course components you will be given a Statement of Attainment and AS1 form to apply for licence online at WH&S website

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