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Nationally recognised unit of competency:

Course Description

This ACCREDITED course provides the skills and knowledge required to identify, apply and follow chain of responsibility legislation as well as regulations and workplace procedures in relation to heavy vehicles as they apply to an individual’s own job role. The aim of ‘Chain of Responsibility’ is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law do not occur.

Course Overview

The course includes:

  • explaining the chain of responsibility features 
  • applying the requirements
  • identifying and reporting chain of responsibility breaches in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and regulations or applicable state/territory law and regulations.

How this Online Course works:

This Online Course is self paced and has no time limits plus provides all the learning resources and links to pass the assessment.

Access the course 24/7 from a desktop computer (with web camera), laptop, smart phone or tablet with internet connection.

  • You will need one (1) of the following devices with good internet connection to undertake this course online:
    • Computer with a Web Cam + Microphone & internet browser Chrome or Fire Fox (But I don't have a desk top computer with a camera? - eg. They cost about $20 - $40 to buy or Local Library, Internet Kiosk, Friend or Family or Work Office)
    • Laptop with a Camera + Microphone & internet browser Chrome or Fire Fox
    • Tablet type device (Ipad or Similar) with a front facing Camera
    • Smartphone with a front facing Camera
    • A printer may also be required
    • Approx. hours to complete - 3 to 4 hours dependent on existing knowledge of the industry.

Course Fee: $120

Payment of invoice via Credit Card Online (VISA OR MASTERCARD) or Direct Debit via Bank Account (Company Account with prior arrangement)

Once you have been marked competent by our trainer/assessor and you have made payment of tax invoice, you will be emailed a Statement of Attainment (PDF file) with in 3 business days.

How to get started...

  1. Computer and web cam is set up
  2. Click on the Start Online Now button above
  3. Sign up and enroll online - all the information is supplied at each stage of the course
  4. You will need your Australian Drivers Licence and USI number (unique student identifier)
  5. Resources & Links Supplied Online
  6. Answer Questions
    • Multiple Choice or True/False and/or others formats
    • If answered incorrect, review the resources and return to answer question again and again if needed
    • If you need to leave the course and return later to finish the online course it automatically saves till you return to finish via the Start Online Now

Need HELP?  Contact the Trainer/Assessors on - or call 0409 471 817

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