Skills Checkpoint Funding for Older Workers

Great News! Course co-funding help is being offered for people between 45 & 70 years of age, if you are eligible (see below).

The Australian Government funded Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers program offers eligible persons aged 45-70 with funding contribution towards any workplace-related skills training (with a maximum rebate of $2000).

The program and funding could be of great interest to any potential mature-age student that meet the qualifications below, saving you costs on their skills training.

How it Works

You may be eligible for Skills Checkpoint if you are:

  • aged between 45 and 70;
  • not registered with an Australian Government Employment Services Provider;
  • have been out of work less than 3 months or are currently working and need to re-skill for your role.

If eligible for the funding you will receive:

  • 50% funding for the course cost, up to $4000. For example, if the course costs $1000, you will receive $500 towards the cost. If the course costs $4000, you receive $2000 towards their course cost. 
  • Courses over $4000 amount receive the maximum funding of $2000. For example, if the course costs $9,000, you will receive $2000 towards your course cost.

Next steps to see if you are eligible:

  • visit the Skills Checkpoint website or
  • call BUSY At Work on 13 28 79 for further information.

    If you are eligible, come back and talk to us about upskilling your life.

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