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By Peter
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Logmaster Review - Could this be the end of bulky work diaries for Truck Drivers?

Carrying a bulky work diary is a bit of a pain, but not as much pain as getting a fine for spelling a location incorrectly.

So i was very interested when I got an email introducing me to Logmaster app that replaces your workbook with an app. I arranged a walk through with app developer Josh Saunders and was quite impressed with the functionality and layout of the app.


NVHR Certified

The app is certified by NVHR National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


Nice User Interface for Heavy Vehicle drivers

Logmaster leads you through the compliance steps required such as fitness declaration, pre-start checks and then handles the logbook work/rest recording very well. If you get pulled over it makes checking your diary by authorities quick and easy. Voice reminders warn you of when you need to take a break if you choose to activate them as well as an easy to see graphic that lets you know when your rest period is due. You can choose light or dark mode as well.

While I have not personally used the app yet, Josh said that it works in blackspots and low coverage areas.

It is clear that a lot of community consultation has been conducted as little annoyances such as being locked into 15min intervals is no longer a problem. Editing your trip is available if needed and overriding things like the need for a signature or the countdown on your break is available.



Includes Driver Variations

The app includes rule sets for STANDARD, STANDARD 2UP, BFM, BFM 2UP, BUS, WA and AFM ON REQUEST. It supports subcontractors and drivers who work for multiple companies as well.


Record Keeper Portal for Companies

One of the most impressive features was the company portal for record keepers/compliance.

The system supports drivers who want to stay on paper logging and do not wish to switch to electronic logging. This is a significant benefit for record keepers as they can reduce the amount of manual entry required for compliance records.

The portal also comes complete with an investigations system, non-conformance report management system and driver performance management systemand includes an accreditation management system that covers BFM and AFM accreditations.

The record keeper portal includes the ability to modify your driver fit to drive declaration, vehicle maintenance pre-start check, fault report, hazard report, incident report and infringement notice.





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